• SlidersMontage

        Explore the Culture, Meet the Characters

        Director and island resident James Waldron answers the question, “Who fishes Plum Island and why?” The answers bring light to a wonderful, intermingled sub-culture revolving around the single-minded pursuit of the big one.

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      • Buggy

        Filled with History

        The film incorporates over 50 years of archival photographs and films. Collected from long-time local fishermen and businesses, the photographs and vintage movies develop a historical foundation of fishing culture that continues today.

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      • RobertsSunset

        A Great Story, A Great Gift

        “Once you get the sand of Plum Island in your shoes, you’ll never get it out,” states Fred Doirnan, one of the featured characters in the film. Seems like everyone who’s visited or fished the island has a tale to tell.

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      • SlidersWithSpace-DVDs

        Buy Now!

        Available at these retailers: Surfland Bait and Tackle First Light Anglers Or you can order here securely via credit card or PayPal. Orders are shiped next day via the US mail. DVD is $18.95, plus…

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